Welcome to Zoom!

In the following it will be explained how to use the software „Zoom“ for your online meeting.

Step 1: Occupancy plan

Check the table to see whether an online meeting has already been entered for your appointment: Occupancy Plan

The only rule: First come – first serve!

Step 2: Reservation form

Enter your date into this booking form.

Step 3: Recording of the meeting, yes or no?

Now you have to decide whether you want your meeting to be recorded or not.
If yes, we will send you the recording after your meeting.

Step 4: Invite participants

Now all you have to do is invite your participants.

They will need this password to enter the meeting: 809973

You have three options:

Option Nr. 1 (Online):

Send one of the following links to the participants:
without recording
with recording
Participants are directly muted – without recording
Participants are directly muted – with recording

They will join the meeting under the conditions that you have chosen.

Option Nr. 2 (Online):

Share one of the following links:
without recording:  https://zoom.us/j/596939351
with recording:  https://zoom.us/j/451394918
Participants are directly muted – without recording: https://zoom.us/j/222622924
Participants are directly muted – with recording: https://zoom.us/j/404767500

Option Nr. 3 (Phone):

Participants have to call this number: 
Germany: +49 30 5679 5800
Ireland: +353 1 536 9320
Spain: +34 91 787 0058
UK: +44 131 460 1196
Netherlands: +31 20 241 0288
For other countries click here

And then follow the instructions and enter one of the following numbers:
without recording: 596 939 371 
with recording: 451 394 918
Participants are directly muted – without recording: 222 622 924
Participants are directly muted – with recording: 404 767 500


It has to be decided beforehand whether the meeting will be recorded or not. The members are not allowed to use different links!